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Original scientific paper

Za zubi pomoć - Odontological Texts in Croatian Glagolitic Manuscripts

Stella Fatović-Ferenčić ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti Zavod za povijest i filozofiju znanosti Odsjek za povijest medicinskih znanosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marija-Ana Durrigl ; Staroslavenski institut, Demetrova 11, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Croatian stomatological heritage is contained in numerous collections
o f folk recipes and similar sources. Glagolitic odontological texts as part of that heritage are a remarkable and hitherto uninvestigated rarity. This paper presents results o f the analysis of Croatian Glagolitic odontological texts in manuscripts from the 15th to the 18th century. Though small in number, they reflect not only Croatian folk tradition but also traces of various stages o f scientific medicine and stomatology. The phenomenon and character of analyzed texts “za zubi pomoć” is viewed in a general scientific context. The oldest Glagolitic mention of Saint Apollonia as patron saint against toothache has been identified with the aim o f shedding light on the presence of her cult in Croatia.


history of stomatology, Croatian Glagolitic odontological texts, Glagolitic recipes, collections of folk recipes, Saint Apollonia

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