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Review article

The Christian Hope in the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century

Norskov V. Olsen ; Loma Linda University, CA, SAD

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The Reformation of the sixteenth century took place, theologically and religiously, in the charged atmosphere of the latter days. The Protestant Reformers acknowledged in the events of the time—whether religious, political, or social in nature—the signs of the imminence of the second advent of Christ. In an intense eschatological consciousness they saw in the historical process of the time the convulsion signifying the great day of judgment, the end of the world, and the beginning of the consummation of all things. It is more and more realized how widely eschatological preconception pervaded European intellectual and religious life in the sixteenth century, and how much people considered their own age an apocalyptic era.


Christian-Hope, Advent-Hope, Protestant-Reformation, Eschatology

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