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Original scientific paper

Geographic Aspects of Medicinal Plants Organic Growing in Croatia

Željka Šiljković
Ana Rimanić

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There are about 160 to 170 autochthonous medicinal and aromatic plants that are either collected or produced in Croatia. In all parts of Croatia natural geographic conditions, namely climatic, pedological and hydrogeographical conditions are suitable for organic production of medicinal plants. In this work the authors give the most relevant information on chamomile (Matricaria chamomile) and lavender (Lavandula anustifolia) production. These two plants had the biggest share in medicinal plants production before war in the 1990s. Until then Croatia was one of the leading producers of chamomile and lavender in the world.
The article deals with the current situation of collecting and producing medicinal plants in Croatia and the opportunities that economic activity can offer. The main goal is to determine natural geographic conditions which influence organic medicinal plants production that contribute to the revitalization of rural areas and slow down deagrarization and deruralization if systematically applied.


medicinal plants, organic production, natural-geographic conditions, chamomile, lavender

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