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Original scientific paper

The Therapy of Herpes Simplex in Children

Olga Lulić-Dukić ; School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Vera Bratković-Balog ; Dom zdravlja Kutina, Hrvatska

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Virolex and Interferon have been tested on efficiency with 49 examinees at the age between 2 and 9 years hospitalized for primary
gingivostomatitis herpetica. General and local therapy with Interferon has been carried out with the first group of 19 examinees for 5 days successively. In the other group consisting of 30 examinees, Virolex has been applied in general and local therapy for 5 days, too. The obtained differences in intensity and duration of symptoms are considerable. Local symptoms have completely disapeared with 13 examinees (68,5%) of the first group on the fifth day of therapy.
All general and local symptoms have completely disappeared with 26 examinees of the other group which makes 86,5%. Virolex can be used at children’s age as a very efficient virostatic in oral and perioral infections caused by herpes simplex virus type 1.


gingivostomatitis herpetica, virolex, interferon

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