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Original scientific paper

Frequency and most Common Localisation of Root Canal Curvature

Višnja Blašković-Šubat ; Medicinski fakultet, Stomatološki studij, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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The root canal therapy of the curved canals is a complex operative procedure. Therefore 260 root canals were analysed radiologically to determine the frequency and the most common localisation of the root canal curvature. The frequency of the curved canals averaged at 59%, being greater in the sample of posterior than in the anterior teeth (p<0,05). The root canal curvature was most frequently localised at the apical third part (53,9%), followed by fjhe cervical (33,3%) and the middle (12,8%) third part. The apical zurvature was predominant in the sample of the anterior, while the zervical predominant (45,2%) in the sample of the posterior teeth. This study pointed out that the frequency of the curved canals is 'ather high. Consequently, the necessity for practising the modern oot canal preparation techniques, bearing in mind their potential langer, is emphasized.


Root canal, root canal curvature, root canal instrunentation

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