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Original scientific paper

Numerical simulation of temperature field of plasma arc remelting on EN-SGJ-600-3

Lu Jinbin
Sun Bin
Tang Feng
Ding Tianran
Zhang Lei

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page 115-121

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Plasma arc remelting treatment has been conducted on EN-SGJ-600-3. The microstructure of the melted zone and heat affected zone has been analyzed using an optical microscope. Then in view of the thermal physical parameters of material, latent heat and travelling heat sources, three-D FEA model of the transient temperature field during plasma arc remelting of the surface layer in EN-SGJ-600-3 has been established based on ANSYS software. The APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) has been used to describe the evolvement rules of the temperature field. The results show that the microstructure in the remelted zone is pearlite and ledeburite, whose microhardness reaches 1000~1060 HV. It is worth pointing out that the simulation results of remelted shape are in accordance with the experimental results. The temperature near the surface of the weld pool is the highest, which is up to 1794 ºC. This investigation will provide a guide for evaluating the validity of simulation studies.


plasma arc remelting, temperature field, ansys;EN-SGJ-600-3

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