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Original scientific paper

Clinical and video radiographic examinations of temporomandibular joint

Boris Klaić ; Dom zdravlja Novaka, Hrvatska
Krešimir Kraljević ; School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Davorin Kovačević ; Zavod za radiologiju, Klinička bolnica »Dr M. Stojanović«, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The symptoms of mandibular dysfunction are quite common and most
frequently attributed to alterations in the temporomandibular articulations. The choice of the treatment greatly depends on a proper diagnosis. Radiographic examination of the articulation constitutes a part of the diagnostic procedure. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical roentgenographic findings on the mandibular articulation kinetics. The method of videoradiography was used in the study carried out in a sample consisting of 51 subjects. A symptom of clicking was detected in 10 subjects, whereas 16 subjects reported on cracking in their articulations. A strong ventral shift of the left and right condyles with mouth opening was found in 29% and 16% of the subjects, respectively. A restriced movement of the condyles with propulsion was observed. Jerks and friction of the condyles with movements were seen in some of the subjects under study. At maximal opening of the mouth, the condyles were frequently seen to protrude over tuberculum articulare.


temporomandibular joint, dysfunction, videoradiography

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