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Original scientific paper

Risk factorc and possibilities of their elimination in stomatopyrosis

Milutin Dobrenić ; School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia
Ana Cekić-Arambašin ; School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia
Iva Vidas ; School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

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Stomatopyrosis is a relatively frequently encountered oral disease.
According to our investigations, it is the leading oral disease in 18.6%
of our oral patients. The objective of this study was to ascertain the local and systemic risk factors of stomatopyrosis and to establish whether they can be eliminated during therapeutic procedures. The study methods used were analysis of clinical observations and of corresponding laboratory findings and a follow-up of the therapeutic results of stomatopyrosis. Analyses of the results obtained in 666
oral patients have shown that the most frequent risk factors for the
development of stomatopyrosis are oral inflammations and hyperkeratosis of the tongue, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of black coffee is one of the bad habits which plays an important role among the risk factors. The therapeutic aims are elimination of the risk factors by removing local irritations, antinflammatory local therapy, general vitamin therapy as well as the treatment of systemic diseases. The results obtained have shown that the recognition of risk factors and their elimination play an important role in the therapy of stomatopyrosis. However, difficulties are always encountered, as illustrated by in the fact that even after 5 months of therapy stomatopyrosis persists 5% of the cases.


stomatopyrosis; risk factors

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