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Preliminary communication


Danica Bakotić orcid id ; Faculty of Economics Split, University of Split
Ivana Vojković ; Faculty of Economics Split, University of Split

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Relationship between job satisfaction and individual performance is very complex and bidirectional. In fact, satisfi ed employees direct their efforts to achieving an outstanding individual performance. Because of their sense of achievement, successful workers will gain greater job satisfaction which will then motivate them to work better and achieve an even better individual performance. Therefore, job satisfaction and individual performance are inseparable concepts and their relationship is circular and goes in both directions. The aim of this paper is to clarify the relationship between these two variables, and empirically determine the strength of the correlation between job satisfaction and individual performance in both directions. The empirical research was conducted in 2011, in a small Croatian production company. Job satisfaction was investigated by using a specially designed questionnaire
which examined the satisfaction with specific factors of job satisfaction, namely: the nature of work, co-workers, superiors, advancement opportunities, salary, working conditions, continuity of employment and working hours. Individual performances are investigated on the basis of company documents concerning the work performance of each
employee. Empirical research of this paper proves the existence of relationships between job satisfaction and individual performance, in both directions, while conclusions that have been reached may be summarized as follows:
• More satisfied employees have better individual performance;
• Improvement of individual performance leads to higher job satisfaction;
• Improvement of individual performance enhances job satisfaction more than job satisfaction increases individual performance.


job satisfaction; individual performance; employees

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