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Professional paper

Oral manifestations in hypothyroidism

Šime Kordić ; Viša stomatološka škola, Split

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In the introduction the author mentions that underdeveloped thyroid gland resulting in poor function leads to delay in the development and growth of the organism and accordingly also to retarded development and growth of teeth. He reports the case of an 18-year old boy with hypothyroidism where, after examining the oral cavity, he was able to establish retardation in the physical and mental development and in the growth of teeth. Moreover changes in the periodontium have been seen. X-ray pictures showed resorption changes in the roots of the permanent upper incisors and less marked ossification nuclei of the epiphyses and the carpal bones. The psychological test revealed a mild degree of mental retardation. The author considers that in addition to other factors the poor hormonal function of the thyroid gland contributed to the development of the pathological changes mentioned. This poor function of the thyroid gland became apparent at the time of the most intensive growth and development of the organism when latent hypothyroidism was most marked in the patient. The author suggest cooperation between the dentist and the endocrinologist for the purpose of a more detailed examination of patients and treatment prescribed by both specialist jointly.


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