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Original scientific paper

Future development of the stomatological service in the socialist republic of croatia

Marijan Krsnik ; Republički zavod za zaštitu zdravlja, Zagreb

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On 31 December 1970 there was a total of 508 stomatologists and 472 senior dentists employed in the health and medical institutions of SR Croatia, that is a total of 980 dental therapeutists or one to 4450 inhabitants. With such a minimal number of stomatologists and dentists in proportion to the entire population, the service concerned with health protection of the teeth and the mouth cannot satisfy even the most fundamental requirements of dental care and protection of the population.Continuous and systematic complaints of the entire profession addressed to the bodies and authorities responsible about the difficulties encountered due to the lack of trained staff bore another fruit. The new Law on Health and Health Insurance includes a clause whereby apart from other froms of health protection in its own territory every municipality is obliged to guarantee to the population and especially to children and youth that prevention, treatment of the mouth and teeth and regulation of the teeth and jaws will be undertaken. With the draft of the Decision on the Determination of the Minimal Number of health Workers of a certain type to carry out compulsory measures of health protection, which has been passed to the municipal assemblies and social insurance institutes of the municipalities for their opinion, it is envisaged that by the end of 1975 every Municipality will have secured at least one team consisting of a dental officer, a dental technician and an assistant to each 3000 inhabitants. This has been foreseen by earlier plans for the development of the stomatologic service which for unknown reasons, however has not been carried out so far. In 1972, the first year of this Law coming into force, every Municipality will have to appoint one team at least to take care of 4500 inhabitants. According to preliminary calculations possibilities would thus be given in the course of next year for the employment of 224 dentists, technicians and assistants. For 1973 and 1974 it is aimed that one team takes care of 3500 inhabitants, respectively employment for a further 200 or a total of 424 complete teams is envisaged. The realization of the plan for long-term development of the health protection for the people in SR Croatia should tend to secure further systematic improvement and modernization of the stomatological services with the aim of transfiguring these old-fashioned, inadequate services into a modern service with a sufficient number of staff members, capable of taking over full socio-medical protection of the mouth and the teeth of the entire population.


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