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Professional paper

Basic principles in endodontic therapy

Vladimir Popić ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta u Zagrebu

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In modern stomatology, therapy of dental pulp diseases and injuries has an important place. The need for exaci intraradicular instrumentation has become more and more apparent. The author stresses many objective and subjective factors which render successful endodontic treatment difficult and mentions the difficulties encountered by the dentist in treating lateral teeth. The importance of preservation of the first and second molar is emphasized as these serve the prosthetist as a suitable carrier for the fixed replacement. Loss of the molars reduces the intermaxillary space which conditions a non-physio!ogic position of the maxillary joint and later atrophy of the condyloid process. The much favoured method of mortal amputation is critically assessed by the author who prefers a total biopulpectomy as the only correct method of work.


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