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Original scientific paper

Application of numerical simulation on cast-steel toothed plate

Guofa Mi ; Henan Polytechnic University
Changyun Li ; Henan Polytechnic University
Zeng Gao ; Henan Polytechnic University

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A three-dimensional Computer Aided Design
(CAD) model is established by using Pro/E
software. The finite volume method (FVM)
numerical model and ViewCast simulation software
are used to study both the casting solidification
process and filling process of toothed-plate. Based
on the simulation, the casting shrinkage and
solidification process are forecast visually in the
form of images. The mould-filling simulation verify
whether the liquid metal pour the mould smoothly
and /quietly/evenly. Two optimization schemes are
completed based upon the simulation. The
production of the casting shows that these
optimization methods are very helpful to reduce the
casting defect and improve the quality of product.


toothed plate, casting process, numerical simulation, solidification process, mould filling

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