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Preliminary communication

Curricular record of social competencies in the context of school and society

Vladimir Jurić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za pedagogiju

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A consideration of relationships among social competencies in the light of social awareness of such relationships, and of the educational frameworks to which this awareness is reciprocally related, warns us of an extremely complex dynamics of the spheres in question. A relative autonomy of the school enables the promotion of an ideal image and a kind of social competency curriculum-based educational activity that is oriented towards the ideal image and tries to develop a personal autonomy in pupils, in terms of social competencies, for the purpose of future coping in a wider social environment. This paper therefore emphasizes optimistic school positions as well certain „grey areas” positioned in contrast to school’s institutionalised intentions in order to develop an educational practice with a realistic concept based on a school curriculum of social competencies. It is therefore understandable that this paper should examine the designation of the phrase social competence, and consider the roles of subjects concerned with the „task” of building social competencies in the light of a normative approach, as well as in the light of a creative act in which multifactor influences are intertwined. It particularly emphasizes the significance of making the methods of social learning operational and of defining the aims of such learning as based on curricular elaboration for the purpose of the efficiency of achievements and a highly needed concordance in the educational process.


social curriculum, social learning, social skills, social competence, school functions, social groups in school

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