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Review article

Stjepan Buzolić, Dalmatian reformer and enlightener

Ivan Peklić ; Institute for Scientific Research and Artistic Work in Križevci, Križevci, Croatia

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This article presents reformation and enlightenment activity of Stjepan Buzolić. Through his educational and social work he contributed to the great extent to reformation movement in Dalmatia and through his actions to enlightenment of the people. This paper builds on the hitherto published literature on Buzolić, published and unpublished sources. The paper provides analysis of Buzolić’s literary works with the objective of emphasizing his reformation and enlightenment idea. The intention of this paper is to highlight the importance of Stjepan Buzolić in the context of reformation movement in Dalmatia, since his work did not receive sufficient acknowledgement in the present Croatian historiography.


Stjepan Buzolić; national movement in Dalmatia; enlightenment

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