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Preliminary communication

Influence of process parameters on castability at full mold casting

I. Budic
D. Novoselovic
I. Samardzic

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page 594-596

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This paper examines the effect of the temperature of pouring the melt, the density of the model of foamed polystyrene and the casting with or without a vent on castability. The testing was carried out in accordance with the experiment plan 23 i.e. during testing the value of the parameters of influence was changed at two levels: the melt pouring temperature of 640 °C and 600 °C, casting with or without a vent, and the density of foamed polystyrene model of 15 kg/m3 and 30 kg/m3.


casting, full mold casting, castability, temperature, density of polystyrene

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