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Review article

Action Research And Development of a New Culture of Relations Based on Autonomy and Emancipation of Teachers

Edita Slunjski ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb
Helena Burić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb

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The study addresses different disadvantages of classic researches in upbringing and education, which are based on the positivist and post positivist paradigm. Such deficiencies among others include their fragmented and decontextualized nature, irrelevancy of research results in professional live of practitioners, etc. The most important objection to classic researches is the problem of transfer of such research results into practice, which is manifested as a discrepancy between the “implicit” and “explicit” theories of teachers, or as a gap between the things they are declaratively committed to and the modes they actually apply in practice. On the other hand, the emancipative pedagogical researches, based on a constru-ctivist and interpretative paradigm, are oriented to simultaneous improvement of educational practice and creation of new pedagogical theories. Such a research approach corresponds to the interpretation of the theory of education, as something which emerges from practice, or is being created in practice by active engagement of the participants (researchers and practitioners), based on the understanding of the educational process and joint construction of ideas on that process. In this respect, action researches are taken, which are directed to development of research and reflexive skills of teachers, to creation of their professional autonomy and emancipation. They also contribute to a development of a new culture of relations, where every form of isolation of teachers is replaced by community characterized by their professional connection, cooperation, joint consideration of the educational process and team work.


action researches; professional autonomy and emancipation of practitioners; reflexive skills of teachers

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