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Tachycardia in a Newborn with Enterovirus Infection

Lidija Banjac orcid id
Draško Nikčević
Danijela Vujošević orcid id
Janja Raonić
Goran Banjac

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Enterovirus infections are common in the neonatal period. Newborns are at a higher risk of severe disease including meningoencephalitis, sepsis syndrome, cardiovascular collapse, or hepatitis. The mechanism of heart failure in patients with enterovirus infection remains unknown. Early diagnosis may help clinicians predict complications in those infants initially presenting with severe disease. An 11-day-old male newborn was admitted to our neonatal intensive care unit because of tachycardia and crises of cyanosis. His elder brother had febrile illness. The newborn was cyanotic, in respiratory distress, with tachycardia, low blood pressure and prolonged capillary refilling time. Limb pulse oximeter was around 85%. During the first day of hospitalization, the newborn had one febrile episode. Laboratory data: elevated transaminases, markers of inflammation negative, all bacterial cultures negative. Enterovirus RNA was detected in blood sample. Other blood findings were without significant abnormalities. Electrocardiogram showed tachycardia, with narrow QRS complexes (atrial tachycardia) and heart rate up to 280/min. In order to convert the rhythm, the patient was administered adenosine and amiodarone. In the further course of hospitalization, the patient was in good general condition, eucardiac and eupneic. Newborns with tachycardia and a family history of febrile illness should be suspected to have enterovirus infection. Enterovirus infection is a highly contagious and potentially life-threatening infection if not detected early. The use of sensitive molecular-based amplification methods offers potential benefits for early diagnosis and timely treatment.


Enterovirus infection; Tachycardia; Infant, newborn

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