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Original scientific paper

Experimental study on deformation properties of unsaturated compacted soil based on digital image measurement

Jianjun Dong ; Liaoning Technical University, Dalian University of Technology
Longtan Shao ; Dalian University of Technology

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Due to the end restraint or the restraint of contact transducers to sample deformation, the results of conventional strain measurement method can not reflect the properties of sample deformation comprehensively. The digital image measurement method can measure the deformation of overall and local sample non-intrusively and selectively and can overcome some shortcomings of using conventional strain measurement method for unsaturated soil sample in suction-controlled triaxial tests. The deformation measurement results of unsaturated compacted soil samples show that the end restraint has significant effect on the deformation of the sample. The deformation properties of middle 1/3 sample are evidently different from those of the overall sample that is affected by the end restraint in suction-controlled isotropic loading and triaxial compression tests. The deformation measurement results of middle 1/3 sample can really correspondingly reflect basic deformation properties of unsaturated soil and study a constitutive model preferably.


suction-controlled triaxial test, deformation, unsaturated compacted soil, digital image measurement

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