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Preliminary communication

Influence of Blasting on Mechanical Properties of Steel Sheet

M. Buršák
I. Mamuzić
M. Mihalikova

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The paper analyses the influence of blasting conditions on the properties of steel sheet RSt 37-2 having the gauge of 3 mm. Due to blasting, the surface roughness increases by an order and the surface strain hardening takes place to the depth of ca 0.06 mm, which results in compressive stress on the sheet surface. The above-mentioned changes, among others, increase the yield point and decrease the fatigue life in the tension-zero cycle. The increase of the yield point and the decrease of the fatigue life are more significant if the diameter of the blasting medium (within the tested interval from 0,56 to 0,9 mm) and the impact angle (30 to 75°) are greater at the air pressure of 0,4 to 0,5 MPa.


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