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Original scientific paper

Less Known Vegetable Sort: Pakchoy (Brassica rapa L. subsp. chinensis Rupr.)

Ivanka Žutić
Ružica Lešić
Nina Toth

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Aiming to introduce a less known vegetable sort pakchoy (Brassica rapa L. subsp. chinensis Rupr.), a two factors experiment through the two cultivation methods (direct sowing and the seedlings), and through cultivars (cv.) Japro, Hypro F1 and Bejo F1 was investigated within a three year period.
It was found out that at the identical vegetation length and with the approximate plant density, the direct sowing growth, brings forth the plants of a greater average plant mass, and subsequently higher yields in comparison with the results obtained from seedlings method.
The cv. Hypro F1 produces rightly a higher yields, greater average plant mass and plant circumference, than the cv. Bejo F1, and approximately same as cv. Japro.
This investigation established that the growth of pakchoy in later summer term is practicable under the weather conditions prevailing in northwest Croatia, and the cultivation of cv. Hypro F1 through direct sowing can be recommended.


pakchoy, cultivars, cultivation method

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