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Original scientific paper

The relation between adjective and questionnaire measures of the five factor model of personality dimensions

Asmir Gračanin
Igor Kardum
Nada Krapić

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The relation between adjective and questionnaire measures of a Five-factor model of personality dimensions was investigated on a sample of 322 subjects. The adjective measure was constructed by selecting adjective descriptors of Five-factor model dimensions in the Croatian language (Kardum i Smojver, 1993). The questionnaire measure was constructed by compiling representative sentence descriptors of Five-factor model dimensions from different questionnaires (Ostendorf i Angleitner, 1992). Results of confirmative factor analysis showed somewhat lower acceptability of the questionnaire measure compared to the adjective measure. Comparison between these two measures was made by testing their inter-relatednes, i.e. the predictive validity of one of the measures in predicting the results in the other, and secondly, by their communal factor analyses in which three hypotheses regarding their structure were tested: a hypothesis about one general factor, about two factors of the method and a hypothesis about the five-factor structure. Generally, the results of these analyses showed an acceptable convergence for four factors, while adjective Factor V. appeared to be closer to questionnaire Extraversion than to questionnaire Openness. Extraversion was also found to have more extensive content in the questionnaire compared to adjective measure, resulting in its lower discriminative validity


five-factor model, adjective measures, questionnaire measures

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