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Roman Domović

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In Croatian media space exist fabricated theses that create false picture of reality on events of Croatian war of independence. Such theses in the media advocate policy options and media workers who have continuously been against official Croatian politics in the 1990s. On the basis of false and fraudulent presentation of events in the 1990s, Croatian political leadership is accused for consequences of events that did not exist or where political leadership did not participate. In order to research information operations that create false picture of reality on events of Croatian war of independence, I got the opportunity to explore previously unreleased documents and transcripts from the Office of Croatian President dr. Franjo Tuđman that are stored in Croatian State Archives. Insight into the original archive material proves unsustainability of thesis on division of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Karađorđevo. This is corroborated by minutes of meetings of six presidents of republics from March to June 1991., which were held for the purpose of finding solution of the constitutional crisis that led to dissolution of SFRY.


SFRY, presidents of republics, Tuđman, Milošević, minutes of meetings, false theses, division of Bosnia and Hercegovina, attack on JNA, unknown documents

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