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Original scientific paper

Knowledge and skills that are needed to maintain life-long activities of modern society

Marjana Merkač Skok ; Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje, Slovenia

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The research question to which we seek an answer in this paper, refers to the knowledge and skills that training of relevant professionals should provide in order to help the population of modern society to remain in good intellectual and physical condition. Today‘s society is aging, social policies of many countries strive to exceed the working-age of the population. Therefore, it is important to keep people in good intellectual and physical condition. In society there is a need for training of competent trainers and organizers for getting this kind of condition for life. In Slovenia, several companies and institutions deal with the implementation of activities for active leisure time in various forms and levels of professional approach, so it is possible to conclude that the labor market of the future will need experts with relevant formal knowledge, especially if this knowledge is supported by knowledge of entrepreneurship. Like here in Slovenia, such formal programs to train experts for the trainers of an active society with the intertwined knowledge of some basic economics and business studies, entrepreneurship and the use of advanced skills, for example, kinesiology don‘t yet exist abroad. The listed skills are dispersed in a wide variety of study programs of various schools in the field of sports medicine, gerontology, etc., in individual courses. Graduates are given only partial knowledge of certain content, for example, on a healthy diet, coaching in sport and recreational sport, organizing events, animation of guests, etc... In the transparent study of training providers for an active life and existing formal training programs in Slovenia and abroad, we found that in the field of training for intellectual and physical condition of people, the need to raise awareness in society and the need for training of relevant professionals, especially those who would combine its mission with an entrepreneurial opportunity, did occur. Educational programs that would co-create a better quality of life and work in the local and wider environment and significantly contribute to the overall social development with its innovative program design and a clear strategy, could fill the gap on what the existing market of entrepreneurship education has to offer. This would be an important contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of society.


modern society, lifelong activity, organizer of the active life, learning for entrepreneurship

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