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Chemistry in Teaching
Historical Approach to Chemistry Teaching: The Periodic System of the Elements

N. Raos ; Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb, Croatia

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The teaching of the periodic system in the historical context has an advantage because students in this way comprehend more easily the basic chemical concepts, such as relative atomic mass, proton number, chemical element, elementary substance, equivalent and molar mass. The story of the periodic system also shows the following: (1) Before a key scientific discovery there is a long period of data collection and systematization, (2) Theories in chemistry must be based on experimental results and methods, (3) The advancement of science is also determined by the development of concepts, and (4) Scientific theories usually do not contradict but support each other. Therefore, the historical periodic system (based on relative atomic mass) is not obsolete, but complementary to the modern.


Teaching methods; history of chemistry; Mendeleev

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