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Original scientific paper

Paul’s Way of Resolving Confl icts Situations on the Sample of 1 Corinthians 8-10

Igor Lorencin ; Adriatic Union College

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Th e focus of this article is Paul’s motto “all things to all people” found in 1 Cor 9:22. The investigation of the broader context, in which this statement is made, points toward a divided local church with its various crisis, problems, and confl icts. Paul’s aim is to bring the divided local church toward unity. With that in mind he is “all things to all people” in that local church, making himself into a slave, giving up his rights, and loving others, all for the purpose of gaining them for the church unity and guiding all of them toward salvation. With such an approach Paul wants to resolve crisis and create a positive spirit
in the church. Th us this motto in its literal context has the primary purpose of gaining church members of that local church for unity, which makes the primary application of Paul’s motto in conflict management situations.


1 Corinthians, Paul, confl icts, unity, confl ict management

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