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Original scientific paper

Crisis and Eschatological Motives in Croatian Medival Poem, Svit se konča (The World Ends)

Đurđica Garvanović-Porobija ; Adriatic Union College

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Croatian medieval glagolitic poem Th e World Ends, by linking motives of moral and spiritual crisis with those of eschatology, refers to the biblical pattern of salvation of the persecuted God’s people, because of which God’s intervention and the Day of Judgment occur. This poem took initial, leading place in Croatian poetry, and though it might have become an originator of vernacular poetry, the poem mimetically in respect to biblical proto-text and biblical auto-critical relation to the bearers of its message, issues a warning that with disappearance of God, the Light, the end of this world arrives as well.


crisis, Croatian mediaeval literature, eschatological motives, Krleža, spiritual poetry

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