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Original scientific paper

Th e Misuse of History through Religious Exclusiveness as a Major Obstacle to the Transmission of the Gospel

Dragutin Matak ; Adriatic Union College

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History is the backbone of life’s reality because it protects us from imaginary, mystical and hypothetical reconstructions. Because of that God revealed Himself in history. However, this noble place of history in spiritual experience is undermined by its misuse through religious exclusiveness. Historical data is manipulated to provide false presumptions which support an identity of separation from others. In this paper we will briefl y point out to some examples of Christian religious exclusiveness which are the obstacle to translatability of the Gospel to the world. Finally, we conclude that the historical facts will always remain elements of identity, but they should never be idolized. Th e main ingredient of a balanced religious identity and mission is theological and not historical in nature. In such a frame of mind, creating the culture of regarding every human being as a part of human family with the same Parents, the Gospel is naturally and effi ciently communicated.


religious exclusiveness, transmission of the gospel, Christian mission, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Adventists

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