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Original scientific paper

Theology of Parenting: Is Parenting in Crisis Today?

Helena Gregor ; Andrews University, USA

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When a child makes all the wrong choices and chooses a path of destruction, parents oft en wonder if they have laid a good foundation or not. Th is research will show that childhood years are crucial in forming character and personality patterns. Furthermore, the foundation of every child’s growth lies in their family history, in the way a child was accepted, felt understood and supported throughout its growing years. A family is not merely a passive background against which child’s development takes place, family plays an active and vital role in constructing, interpreting and transmitting of social behavior,
moral values as well as spiritual beliefs. Th us, the knowledge and trust in God is connected to the family and it starts in the infancy. Worshiping together as a family is defi nitely the most important transmitter of religious values. The goal is not only to transmit
knowledge of God, but also commitment to His values.


parenting, child, family, family worship, character development

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