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Original scientific paper

An ancient stone monument from Čipuljić near Bugojno

Adnan Busuladžić orcid id ; Zemaljski muzej BiH, Sarajevo, BiH

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A stone fragment (Pl. 1; Pl. 2) found during earth works at Čipuljić near Bugojno in central Bosnia may be interpreted in a variety of ways. It consists of an elaborately decorated block of stone, the face adorned with a palmette and a small rosette on each side, one of which is damaged. Below the palmette is a stylized acanthus leaf decoration. The vestiges of two branchlets and a triangular pediment can be seen at the end of the fragment. The space below the pediment was probably intended for a central figure or other feature. The fragment is associated with Čipuljić, where an early Christian church and an early mediaeval necropolis have also been found. The floral decoration on the stone is probably part of a funerary monument, which was later built into some other monument of late Antiquity, in all likelihood in a Christian context. Later, in the early mediaeval period, a necropolis succeeded this religious feature at the same site.


stone monument; site Čipuljić near Bugojno; palmette; decoration

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