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Original scientific paper

The People and the Leader: Studies on Heidegger’s Seminar on the Essence and Concepts of Nature, History, and State (1933/1934)

Marion Heinz ; Universität Siegen, Fachbereich 1 / Philosophie, Siegen, Germany

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Exemplified by two unpublished seminars of 1933/34 and 1934/35,
edited by Heidegger, the paper examines the type and form of the relationship between Heidegger’s thought and the ideology of National Socialism. In the process, it is established that in this entire issue, which has been very controversial in studies on Heidegger’s thought, it is a matter of a distinctive structural commonality of his fundamental ontological capture of man and history and the central elements of the ideology of National Socialism, founded in the sense of the hictoricity of Being, and elaborated by Heidegger himself.


the people, state-leader, leader as law, the relationship between philosophy and National Socialism, the introduction of the ideology of Blood and Soil into philosophy, philosophical foundation-justification of National Socialism

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