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A contribution for the history of Daruvar folk schooling for the second half of the 19th century

Vjenceslav Herout orcid id

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The cultural life of every region is often connected to the history of its school system because it was precisely the schools system that acted as a nursery of literate people and the provider of various forms of cultural work. Schools, also, often held various records of the cultural life of a particular place so historians could find valuable information on the history of a particular region in school archives. Unfortunately, the archive of the elementary school in Daruvar today, the spiritual successor of the folk school, has a lot of archive material missing. What was later entrusted for safe keeping to the archival institutions is not sufficient to entirely portray the oldest history of folk education. This paper uses primarily clerical archival data which can still form an image of the status of the school system in Daruvar in the second half of the 19th century. It is possible to know that, in a certain period of time, there were three folk schools in the jurisdiction of three confessions that later merged into one general folk school. Something can also be found out on the problem of school facilities because that was the primary issue in the first decades of the operation of folk schools.


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