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Original scientific paper

Some peculiar forms in Croato-Glagolitic codices

Milan Mihaljević

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Some peculiar forms in Croato-Glagolitic codices
The author explains seven peculiar forms in Croato-Glagolitic manuscripts: blagotačno (Greek ευδρομος) recorded in Fraščić's Psalter came from blagotačьno in which the original o was substituted by jer (Macedonian protograph) and jer was vocalized as a; domь volju i in the Breviary Illirico 5 (for Greek βολβιτα βοων and Latin fimum boum) is a result of wrong decomposition (volui > volju i ) and the interchange of Glagolitic lettres i and o in dimь volui, the form which occured in the protograph in which dimь is a result of translator's mistake who read Latin fimum as fumum; balina (Lat. ruina) which appears only once in the Breviary Illirico 5 is derived from obalina after deletion of the wrongly identified prefix o (instead of ob); besbožьnь in the Breviary of Vid Omišljanin which instead of the expected z has s in not derived from bez + božьnъ but from be(z) + sъbožьnъ; bezdni mnogo (Ps 35,7) from the Second Novi breviary and the Academy Breviary (III c 12) can be explained in two ays: 1. as derived from the word bezdnie n. in which the letter e has been omitted or 2. as nominative plural femininum of the adjective bezdьnь +adverb mnogo; kolovoždь which in Croato-Glagolitic breviaries stands for the Latin fons (Judith 7,5) originally ment canal through which water was directed towards the mill-wheel in the water-mill, later its meaining was extended and included also the part of the mill where the wheel is placed as well as canal in general, pool or ditch; saždo in the Pašman Breviary (Lat. idem) is probably derived from the normal form sьžde (= sь + *dje) in which Glagolitic lettres e and o have been interchanged, but it can also be explained as a compound consisting of sь and the particle -žьdo which generally occurs only with the interrogative (k-) morphemes.


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