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Professional paper

Criminalistics and psychological aspects of providing evidence and collecting information by personal information sources

Marina Malish Sazdovska orcid id ; Faculty of Security-Skopje
Sara Sazdovska ; Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Psychology

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The provision of personal source of information as (a proof of) evidence is an important part of criminalistics and the work of inspectors in detecting offenses. Criminalists should be familiar with the methods and techniques of collecting information by personal information sources, and the stages of performing conversation with people, reading body language, etc. Despite knowledge of criminalistics aspects, criminalists should be knowledgeable in the field of psychology. The emotions, their interpretation, knowledge of personality and reactions are an important part of the operational work. The authors of the paper are presenting the results of research which includes inspectors and their practices in providing evidence and collecting information from citizens by personal information sources. Based on the survey authors of the paper give a review of criminalistics and psychological aspects of personal sources of information.


personal information sources; proof; conversation; and etc

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