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Professional paper

Who is Visiting the Zagreb Zoo: Visitors’ Characteristics and Motivation

Martina Knežević orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Croatian Studies, Psychology Department, Croatia
Iva Žučko ; Zoological Garden of Zagreb, Croatia
Maša Ljuština ; Zoological Garden of Zagreb, Croatia

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In order to attract visitors despite a growing competition in entertainment
and recreation industry, the service quality in zoos needs to satisfy the ever increasing
demands and expectations of the modern visitor. The aim of this study was to examine
the socio-demographic characteristics of the Zagreb Zoo visitors, explore their motivation
and satisfaction with offered services. A self-administered questionnaire was designed,
which included demographic data, frequency of visits, accompanying persons,
average spending, motivation and ratings of services and programs. The majority of
the Zagreb Zoo visitors were family groups who spend more money on tickets than
on gifts and souvenirs. As top motivators for their visit, participants listed children and
watching animals, while education was very low on the list. The Zoo staff, facilities
and entertainment programs were very highly rated. This was the first ever study of
the Zagreb Zoo visitors. These data can be used to help the Zagreb Zoo understand
the visitors’ demands and their perception of the zoo. They can also provide a basis
for actions to improve weaknesses and enhance the service quality, thereby increasing
the enjoyment of future visitors.


Zagreb Zoo, visitor studies, motivation, service quality, animal welfare

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