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Competitiveness of Croatian production and processing of wheat on the EU market

Davor Balaž orcid id ; Ministry of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia

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Analysis of competitiveness is a demanding process that includes data collection and comparison on the macro and micro economic basis. For the purposes of this study, an analysis the available data on the production and processing of wheat in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union (desk research), 5 Region of eastern Croatian (130 samples of producers, and processors of wheat 18 samples) was conducted. Based on the collected data, an analysis of the samples structure was conducted according to different variables in accordance with the performed descriptive statistical analysis for ordinal variables and quantitative (the metering and interval). The data analysis resulted in calculations using the cost competitiveness of domestic resources (DRC), and making analytical matrix (PAM). The calculation of separated coefficient (DRC) has not confirmed the competitiveness of Croatian wheat production for the reference year. Possible necessary adjustments to business standards, foreign trade, foreign trade protection and domestic support under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have been identified. The study was conducted to evaluate the economic performance of Croatian production and processing of wheat in simulated conditions, using the method calculating the coefficient of DRC. The performed calculations showed mutual diseconomic interdependence of production and processing of wheat in the Republic of Croatia, with a positive impact on the stability and sustainability of the business in rural areas. Based on the research it was found out that there are conditions for the quantitative and qualitative increase in the production and processing of wheat in the Republic of Croatia.


competitiveness; wheat; milling industries; DRC; Croatia; European Union

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