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Original scientific paper

Microphytobenthic communities in the fresh water of Trsteno Arboretum (southern Croatia)

Anđelka Plenković-Moraj ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Botany, Zagreb, Croatia
Nenad Jasprica ; InstituInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Laboratory of Plankton Ecology, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The microphytobenthos from the fresh water of Trsteno Arboretum consisted of 84 species, mostly diatoms (55 species). There were 15 representatives of Chlorophyceae and 10 Cyanobacteria, as well as scattered representatives of Schizomycetes, Xanthophyceae and Mycota. Five diatoms were present throughout the research period: Achnanthes affinis Grun., A. microcephala Grun.. Cocconeisplacentula Ehr., Synedra ulna Ehr., and Gomphonema dichotomum Kiitz. The maximal number of species was detected during the winter and spring, and the minimum number in autumn. The saprobic index, based on the characteristic species determined in the benthic community (ranging from 1.7 to 2.2) indicated moderate impurity.


benthic, algae, phytobenthos, saprobic index, fresh water, arboretum, Croatia

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