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Original scientific paper

Film as a healing metaphor in logotherapeutic practice

Irena Sever Globan orcid id
Josip Bošnjaković orcid id

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Man uses different techniques and tools in order to help himself or others and enhance the quality of life. This paper assumes that stories and visual metaphors are soul-healing if honest, encouraging, consoling and inspiring, thus aiding man in overcoming different psychological and existential problems. Special emphasis is placed on the healing powers of film stories and cinematherapy which is increasingly used as a supporting technique in various psychotherapies and is a successor of bibliotherapy which is still frequently used in logotherapy. That line of psychotherapy founded by Viktor Frankl attempts to provide an answer to the question of existential emptiness that ails the modern man more often and it occurs due to the impossibility of discovering meaning. This paper tries to answer the question how film stories, often evolving around existential matters (who am I, where do I come from and where am I going) can aid the persons struggling with making sense out of their own life and problems of suffering, freedom and responsibility as well as which films to suggest to clients in logotherapy practice (as well as other psychotherapies).


film, psychotherapy, logotherapy, healing stories, visual metaphors

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