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Nomenclature and Graphic Representations for Chemically Modified Polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2014)

Vida Jarm ; Rudolfa Bićanića 18, 10 000 Zagreb

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page 483-494

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A new source-based nomenclature system is described which indicates that a particular polymer has been chemically modified. A connective within the name of a polymer, -mod-, is introduced for this purpose as in poly[(A)-mod-(B)]. The system is intended to be used in accordance with source-based naming of polymers but also provides for the use of structure-based names when it is unavoidable. It embraces: (1) modification of a constitutional unit into another, the unique structure of which is known; and (2) a more general modification of a constitutional unit resulting in any one of a number of possible structures. In addition, a new symbol, ∼>, is proposed for use in graphic representations of the structure of modified polymers.


chemical modification, copolymer, graphic representation, IUPAC Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division, IUPAC Polymer Division, partial modification

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