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Professional paper

Parents' and teachers' assessment of preschool children behavior

Živčić-Bečirević Ivanka
Smojver-Ažić Sanja
Mišćenić Gorana

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Parents and teachers assessed 232 preschool children in kindergarten, using Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist and Caregiver-Teacher Report Form. The present paper presents the frequen-cy of specific behavioral syndromes (emotionally reactive, anxious/depressed, somatic com-plaints, withdrawn, attention problems and aggressive behavior). The results are also presented on the internalizing and externalizing dimension, as well as a total problem score.
The data were analyzed related to the children's sex and age (from 4 to 7). The results show more externalized behavior problems in boys. Age differences were noticed only on the externalized syndromes reflecting more problems in younger children.
There is a slight, but significant agreement in parent and teacher assessment on all syndrome scales, besides somatic complaints and attention problems scales.
The comparisons of Croatian and American data suggest lower emotional reactivity and less be-havior problems overall (total problem score) in Croatian sample.


behavior problems, preschool children, CBCL, C-TRF

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