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Professional paper

Women between the World of Work and Family

Zdravka LEUTAR

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The article analyses the position of women between the
world of work and family. The author first presents some
recent sociological theories elaborating the roles within the
family, and then moves on to empirical analysis of research
1175 conducted in Croatia, Austria and Poland. The aim of the
GOD. 13 (2004),
BR. 6 (74),
STR. 1159-1177
research was to learn about the similarities and differences
among examinees, with regard to the position of women in
the family and the world of work. The examinees who took
part in the research were young people and their parents.
Examinees' attitudes and thoughts were discussed pertaining
to women's employment in the society: women's employment,
education of employed women, examinees' attitudes toward
the role of the employed woman and mother and the
traditional distribution of roles: of the housewife and the
bread-winner father. After considering the role of women on
the macro level, the author moves to the micro level and
distribution of roles within the family itself. Attitudes with
regard to the distribution of work in the family, decision-
-making powers and spending time with the family are
analysed. Based on these considerations the author
concludes that women today have a dual role: they have
been integrated into the world of work in all three countries,
but also have a dominant position in the household.
Attitudes concerning the traditional role of the bread-winner
father and the housewife and mother raising children, are
present in all three countries. Such opinions are less
prominent in young people, which indicates the process of
transformation of the family.


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