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The professional salvor's liability in the law of negligence and the doctrine of affirmative damages (author: M.Mudrić) (Muenster : LIT, 213)

Adriana Vincenca Padovan ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In September 2013, a monograph entitled The Professional Salvor’s Liability in the Law
of Negligence and the Doctrine of Affi rmative Damages by Mišo Mudrić, Ph.D., Assistant
Professor at the Chair of Maritime and General Transport Law of the Law Faculty,
University of Zagreb, was published by Lit Verlag, in the book series Schriften zum Seeund
Hafenrecht, Vol. 20 (papers on shipping and harbour law).
The author examines the legal aspects of the professional salvor’s liability for damage
caused by negligence while performing salvage services. The analysis focuses on the
relevant international maritime law (Salvage Convention 1989, LLMC 1976, CLC
1969/1992), on the professional liability rules in the national legal systems of England
and Wales, Germany, France, and the USA, and on the standard salvage contract forms,
the legal concept of due care, the relevant case law, the sanctions for the salvor’s breach
of duty, and the methods of calculating the limitation of salvor’s liability.
This book, which is a result of the author’s doctoral research at the International Max
Planck Research School for Maritime Aff airs of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative
and International Private Law (Hamburg, Germany), certainly represents a valuable
doctrinal contribution in the fi eld of maritime law, in particular the law of salvage,
and an important source for maritime law researchers, as well as legal practitioners, and
other professionals dealing with shipping and maritime aff airs.


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