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Original scientific paper

Roman road from Vid (Narona) in the Neretva river valley to the village of Cicina - Hum near Trebinje

Željka Pandža ; Faculty of humanities and social sciences University of Mostar, Mostar,
Stanislav Vukorep ; Društvo prijatelja starina

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The paper describes a hitherto unexplored Roman road leading from Narona (today Vid near Metkovic) to the village of Hum - Cicina near Trebinje with a total length of about 68 kilometers. It further continued to Trebinje, where it joined the itinerary road from Narona to Epidaurus, which was discovered in the eighties of the twentieth century. We believe that the mentioned road was built (on the existing prehistoric road) at the time of Roman rule in this area, probably in the period after the basic main roads in the province of Dalmatia were constructed, i.e. from the 1st to the 3rd century. After hodological and topographic explorations of a part of the route and a narrow area along the route, we assume that this was primarily a military Roman road (at first of strategic and later economic importance), which was its primary function. The fact that it was used as a military facility can be supported by its relatively straightforward course. That the road was really Roman can be confirmed by several technical indicators (curbs, coins and storage findings, its width from 2 to 4.5 m, remains of settlements, tracing of long completely straight sections etc.), as well as by the indigenous population referring to some of the road sections even today as Great road, Old road, Wide road and the like.


Illyrian; Roman Province of Dalmatia; Romans, the Neretva river valley; road construction; location of Roman road; Narona, Doljani; Cavac in Popovo polje; Hum; road sections; Epidaurus

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