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Original scientific paper

Impairment of respiratory tract in workers of electroporcelain plant

H. Udžvarlić ; Zdravstvena stanica »Energoincest« i Zavod za tuberkulozu, Sarajevo
B. Tanasković ; Zdravstvena stanica »Energoincest« i Zavod za tuberkulozu, Sarajevo

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In the course of 1969 and 1970 an examination of the working environment was carried out in the »Energoinvest« electroporcelain plant. Special attention was paid to dust conditions. At the same time the prevalence of pneumoconiosis, pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis in workers was recorded. Out of 165 workers examined, the prevalence both of pneumoconiosis and active tuberculosis was 3.03% (inactive - 3.63%), while the prevalence of chronic bronchitis was lower, i. e. 2.42%. Both, the clinical and X-ray characteristics of these diseases are presented. One case was found where pneumoconiosis was accompanied by active tuberculosis. The investigation showed a close link between the impairment of the respiratory system and dust conditions especially where free Si02 and the finest fractions of respirable dust were present. A number of protective measures have been suggested such as: technical protection of workers, health control and some biological protective methods (e. g. BGG vaccination).


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