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Original scientific paper

Design and research into the nonlinear main vibration spring in double-mass high energy vibration milling

Xiaolan Yang
Jifeng Liu
Yajun Zhou
Wang Zhen

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Due to the shortcomings of one - mass vibration
mill such as inefficiency, high energy consumption
and big noise, a double - mass high energy
vibration mill, in which transient high vibration
intensity is produced, is investigated by applying
the non - linear vibration theory. The nonlinear
hard - feature variable-pitch spring i0s used in the
main vibration system which has the characteristic
of the stiffness that can be varied along with the
dynamic load. In this way, the goals of operation
stabilization and energy saving will be achieved.
Results from the field test show that the efficiency
is obviously improved, i.e. a 28% increase in the
vibration intensity, 10% decrease in energy
consumption and 4% decrease in noise. That
verifies the correctness of the main vibration
system construction. This system can be used by
others as a reference design for this field.


double - mass, vibration mill, nonlinear, spring stiffness, vibration intensity

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