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Review article

Croatian Dialectological Research – scera, danas, jutra

Martina Bašić orcid id ; The Linguistic Research Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb
Marija Malnar Jurišić orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

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Croatian dialectology of the 20th century is defined as a discipline of genetic linguistics. The basis for this kind of research is organic idiom, a complete implementation of a linguistic system in a small space. In the pursuit of a systematic presentation of Croatian organic idioms the Croatian dialectologists focused on unvariable linguistic parts of system and on the structuralist approach to the description of the local idiom as a homogeneous system. The answers to the theoretical challenges encountered in Croatian dialectology of the 21st century can be found in the methods provided by quantitative or variational sociolinguistics. Also, Croatian dialectology does not fully exploit the opportunities offered by digital technology.


Croatian dialectology, homogeneity, variability, informants, questionnaires, modern dialectology

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