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Review article

The Functionality of Contemporary Functional Stylistics

Anera Ryznar orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

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The article analyses the theoretical framework that served as the basis for the development of Croatian functional stylistics and rethinks the limitations and the justification of the traditional classification of functional styles in the context of linguistic and discursive modernity. The notion of functional style, as it was defined in structuralism by Croatian linguists and stylistics scholars (Pranjić, Silić), is contrasted with the notion of discourse which has permeated the writings of the discourse-oriented stylistics scholars (Kovačević and Badurina, Katnić-Bakaršić) from the 2000s onwards. The theoretical and practical framework of functional stylistics is then juxtaposed with the analytical potential brought in by different critical approaches (critical stylistics, pragmatic stylistics, feminist stylistics, critical discourse analysis). The article offers some guidelines on the direction of teaching and developing stylistic competence with the Croatian language speakers.


functional style, norm, standard language, discourse, language stratification

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