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Original scientific paper

Reconstruction of Almir Mavignier’s Personal Network and its Relation to the First New Tendencies Exhibition. The example of the Application of Network Analysis and Network Visualisation in Art History

Ljiljana Kolešnik ; Institut za povijest umjetnosti
Nikola Bojić ; Institut za povijest umjetnosti
Artur Šilić

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In the background of Brazilian artist Almir
Mavignier’s curatorial engagement on the first exhibition of New
Tendencies, organized in the cooperation with Croatian art critic
Matko Meštrović and Zagreb Gallery of Contemporary Art, in
1961, there was Mavignier’s excellent insight into the European
neo-avant-garde scene at the time, as well as his extensive
personal social network. The creation, development and features
of this network around the year 1960, comprise for the analytical
focus of this article. Description of Mavignier’s personal network,
also presented by the series of network visualizations, aims at
better understanding of its structural characteristics, as well as
their relationship to personal and poetic composition of the first
exhibition of New Tendencies. It is based on methodological
encounter between art history and social sciences (social network
analysis), supported by the application of ICT tools.


Almir Mavignier, New Tendencies, personal social network, neo-avant-garde, quantitative analysis, digital art history

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