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Preliminary communication

The role of carrying capacity within conceptual framework of contemporary tourism

Dobrica Jovicic ; Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Nis, Serbia
Vanja Ivanovic ; Faculty of tourism and hospitality management, University of Rijeka, Opatija, Croatia

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There is no doubt that theory of tourism lags behind increased tourism practice. In order to decrease such gap, theoretical work in tourism has been intensified during last two decades. The key problems focused as objects of research include: analysis, interpretation and management of heterogeneous tourism development effects, permeating different aspects of human life and work – from global to local level. Consequently, this paper discusses role, significance, and ways of estimation and interpretation of carrying capacity concept within the conceptual framework of contemporary tourism. The paper, also, analyses attitudes and conflicted opinions of certain authors regarding to the related concept that still remains an elusive and much debated concept. At the end of the paper, the crucial conclusions are presented, that can
alleviate the application of carrying capacity concept in practice, assuming its important role in planning tourist destinations development and managing various tourism impacts.


carrying capacity, tourist destination, management

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