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Pathological Investigations of Eduard Miloslavić at Batelfields during the Balkan and the First world war

Stella Fatović-Ferenčić ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zavod za povijest i filozofiju znanosti, Odsjek za povijest medicinskih znanosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Slaven Kale ; Veleposlanstvo Republike Poljske u Republici Hrvatskoj, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Darija Hofgräff ; Hrvatski državni arhiv, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Eduard Miloslavić (Oakland/SAD, 1884 – St. Louis/SAD, 1952.) is known as forensic expert and the founder and the head of the first Department of Forensic Medicine of the Zagreb School of Medicine. Moreover he is well known as a member of the expert team which investigated the massacre in the Katyn forest near Smolensk, and proved that crimes were committed by Soviets during the Second World War. On the other hand his pathological – anatomical career in Vienna as well as his engagement during the Balkan and the First World War have not been explored so fare. However this segment of his life was important in shaping professional mentality which he adopted under the influence of the most prominent personalities of the period such as Rudolf Virchow, Ludwig Aschoff and Anton Weichselbaum. Their attitudes were inspired by constitutional and military pathology – which was determined to search into the possibilities to achieve the healthy constitution of the whole community. Therefore the results of this paper present the part of Miloslavić’s professional life in Vienna which enlightens the relationship between medicine and sanitary war organization on one side, and Miloslavić’s professional and social attitudes which will become even more prominent during this expertise in Katynu in 1943.


Eduard Miloslavić, military medicine, constitutional pathology, Second Balkan war First world war

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